HealthTech Ecosystems Through the Eyes
of Startup CEOs |  Singapore – Switzerland

22 Jul 2020, 5pm SGT, 11am CET

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital and firmly placed the spotlight on digital health. Switzerland and Singapore, which have regularly been ranked in the top 3 most innovative countries in the world, have placed significant emphasis on establishing themselves as regional innovation hubs and on fostering the growth of vibrant ecosystems. 

The results speak for themselves with Singapore recording a digital health ventures, per one million capita ratio, of 38 and Switzerland of 42. Both countries punch well above their weight when compared to their neighbours. But nothing beats hearing first hand from experienced digital health venture CEOs what it is like to build their venture in one of these two ecosystems. Galen Growth, the global leader in digital health intelligence, analytics and matchmaking, in collaboration with DayOne, Basel Area’s digital health accelerator, have great pleasure in hosting this webinar panel, the first episode in a new series, two Switzerland based startup CEOs and two from Singapore to explore what they are building, and how their ecosystem has enabled them to succeed.

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Our Panellists:

Grace Park from DocDoc
Serene Cai from Speedoc
Girisha Fernando from Lyfegen
Ulrich Muehlner from

Host & Moderator:

Julien de Salaberry from Galen Growth


Doug Haggstrom from DayOne Accelerator