Join our roundtable discussion for an in-depth analysis of Digital Health Cardiovascular Disease Ventures in North America’s Digital Health ecosystem.

About the Roundtable Discussion

Join leading industry experts for a roundtable discussion on digital health innovation for cardiovascular diseases.

The panel will be moderated by Gil Bashe, Chair Global Health & Purpose, FINN Partners, and will feature David Albert, MD, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Alive Cor; Tal Wenderow, Venture Partner, Genesis Medtech Group; Julien de Salaberry, CEO & Co-Founder, Galen Growth; and Sara Schmachtenberg, Head of Data & Analytics – Europe & USA, Galen Growth.

Investment in this digital health category is just one of the many factors that define the possibilities. The key indicators of success are patient need, science, reimbursement, provider engagement, and outcomes. In this roundtable discussion, our experts will share their insights on these essential factors and more.

The discussion will cover topics such as:

  • Current state of digital health innovation for cardiovascular diseases
  • Patient needs and how they drive innovation
  • Science and technology behind innovative solutions
  • Reimbursement and regulatory challenges
  • Provider engagement and adoption
  • Outcomes and impact on patient care

Whether you are a healthcare professional, investor, or innovator interested in digital health solutions for cardiovascular diseases, this roundtable discussion is for you. Don’t miss this engaging session and get the latest insights from our experts.

About Digital Health in Cardiovascular Diseases

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