Telemedicine: A Temporary Fix or a Lasting Solution?

Telemedicine solutions have seen a rise in adoption and normalisation since the COVID-19 pandemic. Global funding for Telemedicine ventures across the world grew by 36%, with the United States contributing the most and APAC following close. The whole Telemedicine ecosystem seems to be flourishing, yet some believe this to be a knee-jerk reaction. Will Telemedicine be a permanent norm in healthcare? Join us as we track its development and challenges in future transformation in a conversation with leading industry experts.

June 21 | 4.00 PM SGT

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What you will get:

  1. Additional insights from Galen Growth’s Telemedicine report;
  2. A better understanding of the telemedicine trajectory;
  3. Real-world experience and cases.



Dr. Yong Chern Chet
Expert Mentor, Innovators Commercialisation Program


Serene Cai
Co-Founder, Speedoc



Miguel Rivera
Head of Business Model Transformation, Novartis APMA


Helene Champoux
COO, Galen Growth

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