Remote Patient Monitoring: The Unstoppable Wave of New Care Models

With the advent of remote patient monitoring, innovators are piloting a myriad of new care models. Be it in the prevention of hospital re-admissions or reduction in unplanned visits to the Emergency Room; the mandate is clear: broaden access to care and intervene to provide the best patient outcomes. Join us for the third instalment of The Records by Novartis BIOME and Galen Growth as we explore perspectives from the healthcare system, industry and the HealthTech ecosystem.

September 23 | 4.00 PM SGT

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What you will get:

  1. Additional insights from Galen Growth’s Remote Patient Monitoring report;
  2. A better understanding of the Remote Patient Monitoring ecosystem;
  3. Real-world experience and cases;
  4. 25% off the Remote Patient Monitoring report when you attend.


Dr. Valerie Teo
Head of Kallang Polyclinic,  National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

Amrish Nair
Co-Founder & CEO, Biorithm

Dr. Ronald Ling
CEO, ConnectedHealth

Jonathan Tan
Head of Patient Access, Novartis Asia

Ana Kollcaku
Innovation Lead, Galen Growth

Save Your Seat