Digital Health Innovation For Pharma Research – Executive Summary


Scope of the report:

  • An in-depth report on the the Digital Health venture ecosystem in Research Solutions
  • Ecosystem analysis based on its development from 2012 to Q1 2022, with a major focus on the past 5 years and further broken down by deployment of capital into key HealthTech categories and products
  • Analysis of Partnerships between ventures and corporates
  • Investment Insights
  • Deep dive into top therapeutic area: Oncology
  • Deep dive into top Digital Health categories: drug discovery, omics-related research, bioinformatics
  • Noteworthy deals, exits and partnerships


Executive Summary of the Digital Health in Pharma Research – Introduction

This is the Executive Summary of the Digital Health in Pharma Research report. Firstly, we explore the boundaries of Pharma Research. Secondly, we explain the current trends in the Pharma Research. In summary, our analysis focuses on private ventures and start-ups. It includes noteworthy partnerships, spotlight ventures, and venture funding. HealthTech Alpha, a Galen Growth proprietary solution, powers this report!

Executive Summary of the Digital Health in Pharma Research – Highlights

The full report contains the following key highlights:

  • R&D productivity is down, costs are up, and drug prices are under scrutiny. As a result, the drug discovery process needs new and innovative ideas,
  • Large Pharma companies remain undeterred by these challenges. Hence, have set themselves challenging goals,
  • The top 20 Pharma companies (by revenue) have entered into an average of 12 partnerships each with Digital Health ventures in Research Solutions,
  • Within Digital Health, Research Solutions is a small cluster,
  • North America dominates the landscape by hosting 39% of the ventures,
  • Future progress in Digital Health tools for Pharma Research will hinge on addressing data privacy concerns and more.

Source of Data

HealthTech Alpha, Galen Growth’s proprietary on-demand platform, is the data source for this report. HealthTech Alpha contains more than 170 million data points and hence is the leading Digital Health intelligence and analytics platform! Moreover, its coverage exceeds 11,500 Digital Health ventures globally. For more information visit

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