Digital Oncology: The Future of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Globally, 12% of venture funding in digital health in 2020 went to Oncology-focused ventures, which was more than any other therapeutic area, including mental health. Many oncology-focused ventures in the ecosystem seek to improve diagnosis and research to improve prevention and treatment within the healthcare value chain. How has the advancement of technology impacted the study, detection and treatment of cancer? Where do we see oncology and digital health moving? Join us as we dive into the world of oncology in a conversation with leading industry experts.

July 21 | 4.00 PM SGT

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What you will get:

  1. Additional insights from Galen Growth’s Oncology report;
  2. A better understanding of the therapeutic focus area of Oncology;
  3. Real-world experience and cases;
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Dr. Dean Ho
Director, The N.1 Institute for Health

Dr. Huren Sivaraj
Co-Founder & CEO, Oncoshot

Martin Lim
Founder & CEO, ONWARD Health Research


Dr. Hong-Ling Xue
Asia Pacific Medical Director, Solid Tumors, Novartis Oncology


Helene Champoux
COO, Galen Growth

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