Is Big Tech Important to Digital Health Innovation?

The Digital Health revolution is steadily gaining momentum, driven by innovations in data analytics, AI/ML models, and cloud computing. Galen Growth’s comprehensive report dives into the intersection between Big Tech and Digital Health globally, highlighting how partnerships and investments by leading tech companies are set to transform the ecosystem.

While Big Tech’s role in Digital Health innovation is complementary, their substantial resources and technological prowess are crucial in forging impactful partnerships. These collaborations leverage tech capabilities to enhance healthcare delivery, albeit with careful consideration of patient-centric values and regulatory requirements. Startups, academic institutions, and healthcare organizations remain at the forefront, driving the unique advancements needed in this specialized field.

Key insights from Galen Growth’s report illustrate significant trends and developments. Over the past five years, partnerships between tech companies and Digital Health ventures have grown at an impressive CAGR of 32%, surpassing the 29% growth rate of non-tech corporate collaborations. As of May 2024, Tech has overtaken Biopharma, claiming a 10% share of partnerships with Digital Health initiatives.

The United States leads with 65% of these partnerships, followed by the Asia Pacific region. In contrast, Europe faces challenges, holding only a 9% share and struggling to identify a regional tech leader. AI technology plays a pivotal role, featuring in 58% of the partnerships announced in 2023. Health Management Systems (29%) and Medical Diagnostics (15%) emerge as key areas of focus.

Investment trends reveal that GV (formerly Google Ventures) is at the forefront, with tech companies and their Corporate Venture Capital arms investing over $19 billion in Digital Health ventures from 2019 to May 2024. This substantial investment underscores Big Tech’s growing influence and the potential for transformative change in the Digital Health sector.

Key insights of the report:

1. Partnership Growth

Tech and Digital Health partnerships have grown at a CAGR of 32% over the past five years, surpassing the 29% growth rate of non-tech corporate partnerships.

2. Regional Dynamics

  • United States: Dominates with 65% of partnerships.
  • Asia Pacific: The second most active region.
  • Europe: Holds a 9% share, struggling to find a regional tech champion.

3. Technology Trends

AI technology is central, involved in 58% of 2023 partnerships.

4. Venture Categories

Health Management Systems (29%) and Medical Diagnostics (15%) are primary focus areas. These align with the dominant categories for ventures using GenAI technology.

5. Investment Landscape

GV (formerly Google Ventures) leads the way in terms of the number of investments. Tech companies and their affiliated Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arms have collectively invested over $19 billion in Digital Health ventures from 2019 to May 2024.

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