Digital Health in Massachusetts 2023 Executive Briefing



Massachusetts Digital Health Ecosystem

Galen Growth is pleased to share with you our Executive Briefing into the Massachusetts Digital Health Ecosystem. The executive briefing focusseson the ecosystem key trends, through the lens of:

  • Clinical Evidence
  • Funding Strength
  • Key categories
  • Disease areas

HealthTech Alpha, a Galen Growth proprietary solution, powers this report!


The Massachusetts Digital Health Ecosystem Executive Briefing is split into the following sections:

  • Ecosystem Development
  • Clinical Evidence
  • Funding History
  • Funding Strength
  • Therapeutic Focus
  • Cluster Focus

Key Insights

  • Massachusetts is home to 9% of Digital Health founded within the United States, making it the 3rd largest ecosystem after California and New York State.
  • Massachusetts ventures with solutions in Remote Devices take the state’s top spot, with 39% of the ventures having Evidence Signal > 40.
  • Far outperforming the regional average, Massachusetts ventures were opportunistic when funding was plentiful in 2021, with 83% of Massachusetts ventures raising funding either in 2021 or 2022. Therefore, the ventures should be well-prepared to be resilient against the funding downturn.
  • Oncology moved into the top position of the most invested therapeutic areas in 2022 in Massachusetts, pushing Mental Health into second place.
  • In Massachusetts, the largest Digital Health cluster is Health Management Solutions, with 55 ventures.

Source of Data

HealthTech Alpha, Galen Growth’s proprietary on-demand platform, is the data source for this report. With more than 300 million data points HealthTech Alpha is the leading Digital Health intelligence and analytics platform. Moreover, its coverage exceeds 13,000 Digital Health ventures globally. To find out more about our data, visit, or visit for our reports.

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