H1 2021 Europe Digital Health Ecosystem Key Trends


Find in-depth analysis of the European Digital Health ecosystem, including:

  • Investment Trends
  • Pipeline Maturity
  • Cluster Focus – Venture Maturity, Top Ventures in Key Clusters, Deal Volume
  • Therapeutic Focus – Highest Funded Areas
  • Deep Dive – Mental Health, Cardiovascular Diseases, Research, Telemedicine
  • Noteworthy Partnerships, Deals & Exits


The digital health ecosystem globally is experiencing an unprecedented surge in an effort to fulfil the promise of the growing benefits of digital health solutions. Across the globe, digital health captured a record-breaking US$21.8B in venture capital funding in the first half of 2021, which excludes all M&A and IPO activities, up 2.2x from H1 2020.

The European Digital Health ecosystem closed the strongest half-year on record with $2.41B in venture capital funding, 2.6x higher as compared to H1 2020. The incredible surge in funding was driven by 8 mega deals in growth and late funding stages.

Download our report and get the most comprehensive digital health analysis in the market, including a look at the top ventures in the region like Exscientia, Livi, CeQur, Alan, Huma, Unmind, Wellster Healthtech Group, Evox Therapeutics, Doktor.se, Inivata, Pflege.de, Living With, Qare, MEDITyme, Vinehealth, Birdie, YAS.life, Kranus Health, NuvoAir, Oviva, Ada Health, Physitrack, Current Health, Volta Medical, Push Doctor, and more.

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