Unveiling the Future at ViVE 2024

As the Galen Growth team basked in Los Angeles’s winter warmth, we had the privilege of attending ViVE 2024, a leading conference recommended for Digital Health leaders. ViVE served as a melting pot of innovative ideas and ground-breaking discussions, offering invaluable insights into the future of healthcare delivery.

Annual Analysis of US Health Systems’ Achievements in Digital Health for 2023

Before our attendance at ViVE, Galen Growth published its annual no-hype, no-bias analysis of US Health Systems and their achievements in the Digital Health innovation ecosystem for 2023. This comprehensive report, available for free download from our Research page, delves into the intricacies of healthcare transformation and offers unbiased insights into the digital landscape.

Digital Health Partnerships: Addressing Disparities

Our analysis reveals the significant disparity in digital health adoption among Health Systems and hospitals. Over the past five years, only a fraction of institutions actively pursued partnerships in the digital health space. Shockingly, the top 75 Health Systems and hospitals accounted for 50% of all disclosed partnerships, highlighting the pressing need for widespread digital integration across the healthcare sector.

Hospital at Home: A Paradigm Shift

At ViVE 2024, one of the hottest topics was ‘Hospital at Home,’ a revolutionary concept aimed at delivering hospital-level care in the comfort of patients’ homes. This innovative approach enhances patient outcomes and addresses capacity constraints, particularly in smaller rural hospitals. Collaborations between industry giants like Best Buy and healthcare institutions such as Atrium Health signify a transformative shift in healthcare delivery. At the same time, partnerships between companies like GE Healthcare and Biofourmis extend patient monitoring technologies beyond traditional hospital settings.

Tackling Healthcare Staffing Shortages

Despite some relief, healthcare staffing shortages remain a significant challenge. At ViVE 2024, there was a notable emphasis on leveraging digital health technology to streamline administrative tasks and alleviate burdens on practitioners. By automating processes and reducing paperwork, digital solutions enable healthcare professionals to focus on direct patient care, mitigating staffing shortage issues and practitioner burnout.

AI in Healthcare: Balancing Innovation and Security

AI continued to take centre stage at ViVE, promising transformational benefits in reshaping healthcare delivery. However, concerns regarding data security and patient privacy were paramount. While AI showcases practical applications in prescription management, diagnostics, and treatment planning, responsible implementation and the preservation of human expertise remain crucial.

The Rise of AI Partnerships in Healthcare

Over the past five years, Health Systems and hospitals have led the charge in forming partnerships with Digital Health ventures leveraging AI technology. More than half of these ventures use AI, with a small percentage employing Generative AI technology. This trend underscores the growing importance of AI in driving healthcare innovation and improving patient care.

Prioritising Cybersecurity and Maternal Health

Considering the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare, cybersecurity risks and the need to protect patient data were key areas of focus at ViVE 2024. Additionally, maternal health took centre stage, underscoring the importance of advancing mothers’ well-being through enhanced access to quality prenatal and postpartum care.


In conclusion, ViVE 2024 offered more invaluable insights into the future of healthcare, highlighting the transformative power of digital innovation. Reflecting on our experiences at the conference, we remain committed to driving positive change in the healthcare landscape, empowering Health Systems and practitioners to deliver exceptional care to all.

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