In the ever-evolving landscape of Digital Health, the Galen Growth team is thrilled to present the much-anticipated 2023 Year-End Report on North American Key Trends. As a sequel to our globally acclaimed 2023 Global Key Trends report, this analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the Digital Health sector in North America. Buckle up as we delve into the intricacies of investment trends, pipeline maturity, category focus, clinical and therapeutic insights, noteworthy deals, partnerships, and proof points.

Transition from Hype to Maturity

Once fuelled by the fervour of 2021, the Digital Health sector is now experiencing a paradigm shift towards maturity. The euphoria of exponential growth has given way to a more pragmatic outlook, demanding a focus on delivering real value and meeting customer needs in a dynamic and fiercely competitive market. The past two years witnessed a significant plunge in venture funding, dropping by a staggering 37% YoY, reaching $22 billion in 2023. This decline, reflective of a global trend, underscores the need for sustainable growth and heightened investor scrutiny.

Global Context and North American Resilience

Against the backdrop of reduced investor appetite globally, North America stands resilient, showcasing a 29% decrease in Digital Health venture funding YoY. While the region is not immune to the challenges, it outperformed the global decline of 37%. Geopolitical and economic uncertainties loom large and are expected to persist into 2024, potentially leading to a reduction in inflation by year-end. Such uncertainties pose challenges for ventures navigating critical funding shortages.

Investment Trends and Funding Strength

At the close of 2023, North America finds itself on par with Europe, as 43% of growth-stage ventures secured funding in the past 18 months. This period is pivotal for fundraising success, and many ventures are grappling with critical funding shortages. The funding strength has reached precarious levels, creating an environment where ventures must demonstrate resilience and innovation to secure their financial future.

Partnerships Paving the Way

Health Systems, including private clinics and hospitals, emerged as the major players in fostering partnerships with North American Digital Health ventures. In 2023, the sector witnessed a 1.2x growth in partnerships over 2022, with over 1,600 collaborations disclosed. This surge indicates a growing realization among Health Systems about the pivotal role of digital solutions in enhancing productivity and healthcare outcomes.

Cluster Analysis

The Research Solutions cluster, capturing 22% of the total funding value deployed in 2023, emerged as North America’s top-funded Digital Health cluster. This 5% increase in funding from 2022 reflects a growing interest in Generative AI for Drug Development, addressing critical pain points in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Rise of Generative AI

By the end of 2023, a notable 2% of ventures in North America leveraged Generative AI (GenAI) technologies, with an additional 41% utilizing other forms of AI. Within this landscape, 19% of ventures leveraging AI were concentrated in the Health Management Solutions cluster. This surge signifies a growing recognition of AI’s transformative potential in driving innovation and efficiency across various healthcare domains.

In-Depth Analysis and Premium Insights

Our report, spanning 70+ pages, goes beyond the surface, offering no-hype, no-bias data, charts, insights, and expert narratives. The deep dive encompasses investment trends, pipeline maturity, category focus, clinical and therapeutic insights, noteworthy deals, partnerships, and proof points. Additionally, we delve into specific clusters such as Research Solutions and Patient Solutions, spotlighting companies like (Canada), Orbital Therapeutics (USA), and Strive Health (USA).

Exploring Oncology and Neurology

In a focused exploration of disease areas, we present a deep dive into the Oncology and Neurology clusters. Highlighted companies such as Harbinger Health (USA), RapidAI (USA), and Cortica (USA) showcase ground-breaking innovations in these critical therapeutic domains.


As the Digital Health sector in North America navigates the winds of change, our 2023 Year-End Report serves as a compass, providing a roadmap for stakeholders to understand and capitalize on key trends. From funding challenges to transformative partnerships and the rise of AI, this analysis sheds light on the evolving dynamics of a sector poised for continued growth and innovation in 2024 and beyond.

Premium Access

This premium report is a must-have for industry leaders and is available for download exclusively to premium HealthTech Alpha subscribers. Alternatively, it can be purchased directly from the Galen Growth Research page, offering unparalleled insights and strategic intelligence for navigating the complex terrain of Digital Health in North America.