Pharmaceutical Digital Health Innovation Index 2022


Pharmaceutical Digital Health Innovation Index – Introduction

In 2021, Galen Growth developed the Pharmaceutical Digital Health Innovation Index as a method of evaluating the Digital Health portfolios of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. This 2022 edition updates the Index based on the announcement of new partnerships and the growth of portfolio maturity for each pharma and biotech. To rank within the top 25, companies need to have a global presence and at least 11 publicly announced partnerships with private Digital Health ventures.

Looking at the 25 top performers in Digital Health, our analysis focuses on two critical aspects: first, the strategic fit of the portfolio to the pharmaceutical; second, the strength of the venture portfolio.

Insights from the Pharmaceutical Digital Health Innovation Index

  • Integration of Digital Health by pharmaceuticals is beginning to gain focus, with the average maturity of new pharmaceutical portfolio ventures in 2022 exceeding the average total portfolio maturity.
  • Digital Health solutions for Research and Clinical Trials dominate pharmaceutical portfolios, with 25% of the smallest portfolios (1 to 2 ventures) including ventures in the Research Solutions cluster and 14% including ventures in the Clinical Trials cluster. By the time the portfolio exceeds a volume of 30 ventures, the following clusters & categories are included in 100% of the portfolios: Teleconsultation, Disease Management, Remote Monitoring Devices, and Clinical Trials.
  • The Pareto diagram of the number of venture partnerships across all pharmaceuticals has flattened slightly during 2022. Last year, only the top 30 pharmaceuticals had developed more than 5 partnerships, whereas there are 40 pharmaceuticals now crossing the 5 partnerships line.

Explore the Data behind the Report

If you want to explore the data behind the report, check out the full list of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies.

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Source of Data

HealthTech Alpha, Galen Growth’s proprietary on-demand platform, is the data source for this report. HealthTech Alpha contains more than 200 million data points and hence is the leading Digital Health intelligence and analytics platform! Moreover, its coverage exceeds 12,000 Digital Health ventures globally. To find out more about our data, visit, or visit for our reports.

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