Middle East Digital Health Ecosystem Key Trends FY 2020


The Middle East closed the year at US$555.0 M in venture capital funding for Digital Health ventures, down 16% from 2019, across 52 deals. This excludes all M&A and IPO deal activities.

Israel remains the main driver in the Middle East, accounting for 95% of the overall funding. The overall ecosystem, especially in Israel continues to mature, with the average ticket size increasing to $13.1 M in Q4 2020, up more than 2.1x since 2016.

Overall, funding in the first 3 quarters of the year remained constant as compared to the previous year with only Q4 experiencing a decrease in funding, both in terms of value, down 73%, and volume, down 75%, YoY.


We are very pleased to share with you our FY 2020 United States Digital Health Ecosystem report: the deep dive, go-to-reference reportage on key digital health ecosystems.

In this report, we focus our analysis on the venture funding key trends, noteworthy deals, exits, partnerships and investors as well as deep dive into five key focus areas for the region in 2020.

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