China Digital Health Ecosystem Analysis and Key Trends Thematic Report


In this report, find an in-depth analysis of China’s Digital Health ecosystem, including:

  • Ecosystem Insights
    • Digital Health Readiness Index
    • Macroeconomics – Political, Economic, Social and Technological
    • Internet Hospitals
    • Partnerships and regulatory approvals
  • Investment Trends
  • Therapeutic Focus – Oncology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular Diseases, Gynaecology
  • Cluster Focus – Venture Volume by HealthTech Cluster, Average Venture Maturity by HealthTech Cluster, Partnerships by HealthTech Cluster and more
  • Deep Dives into Online Marketplace and Wellness
  • Noteworthy Partnerships, Deals and Exits


Galen Growth is pleased to share with you this report on the Global Digital Health Ecosystem in China. We take a deep look at the macro and microeconomic conditions that make mainland China a hotspot globally for digital health. This is complemented by an analysis on the venture categories, partnerships, key trends, noteworthy deals, exits, and investors.

With unmatched, unparalleled and indispensable coverage of the global digital health ecosystems, this report is powered by HealthTech Alpha, a Galen Growth proprietary solution, and the world’s #1 digital health private market data and analytics platform.

China’s ecosystem is excelling in digital health readiness and implementation, even though the macroeconomic conditions are limiting access to technology in rural parts of the country and slow acceptance due to the low cost of basic care.

The digital health ecosystem feels threatened by governmental probes into data security and new data privacy laws. However, long-term, increased data security regulation could pave the way for Chinese ventures to get a foothold in international ecosystems, such as Europe, and improve overall macroeconomic conditions in China’s Digital Health Readiness Index.

Globally, 11% of venture funding in digital health in H1 2021 was deployed to ventures in China, with cumulative H1 funding of $2.53B, which is a rebound to just above 2019 levels after dropping 72% in H1 2020 amid the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Digital Health ventures mentioned in the report includes:

Miaoshou (妙手医生)Yaoshibang (药师帮), Keep (Keep), Supermonkey (超级猩猩), ddky (叮当快药)XtalPi (晶泰科技)MediTrust Health (镁信健康)Yidu Cloud (医渡科技)Basecare Medical (贝康医疗)GeneMind Biosciences (真迈生物)Yitu Medical (依图医疗)More Health (妙健康), AcornMed (金橡医学)Jianke (健客)WeDoctorHaodf.comDXY (丁香园)Linkedcare (领健)Chemical.AI (智化科技) (森亿智能)

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This report covers HealthTech ventures with incorporation date after 2002 in mainland China. Ventures incorporated outside of mainland China have not been included in this analysis.
HealthTech is defined as the intersection between healthcare and technology and is also referred to as digital health. HealthTech does not include Biotech (protein research or pharmaceuticals), MedDev (devices that are mechanical and electronic in nature), neuro-stimulates, opioids and minimal-invasive instruments.

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