Europe Digital Health Ecosystem 2023 Mid Year Report

Don’t miss the Europe H1 2023 Key Trends in Digital Health with this semi-annual report on the current state and future outlook of the global Digital Health ecosystem. As Europe jumps into second place for venture funding in Digital Health, it has already established itself as a focused and mature ecosystem, capturing the top spot globally for ventures with Clinical Evidence.

The Europe H1 2023 Key Trends report focuses on private ventures and includes current trends, ecosystem development, most active partners, and venture funding.

  • $1.38B of venture funding was deployed in H1 2023 to ventures founded in Europe, a decline of 53% from H1 2022.
  • Europe has moved into the top spot across the globe for Clinical Evidence, with 22% of all ventures attaining a significant level of Clinical Evidence, indicating that the ventures’ Digital Health solutions can improve the outcomes of the patient population that is being addressed
  • After taking second place to France in 2022, the United Kingdom is back to leading venture funding in Europe in H1 2023, capturing 32% of venture funding value.
  • … and much more

The “Europe Digital Health Innovation Ecosystem Report on H1 2023 Key Trends” report includes data on the following companies: Baseimmune, Doctorly, Alba Health, Gleamer, Phlo, Roche, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Pfizer, Cyted, Nye Health, SOPHiA GENETICS, BenevolentAI, Alex Therapeutics, Volta Medical, Distalmotion, Alentis Therapeutics, Patient21, Peppy, Caristo Diagnostics, Memodio, Perspectum Diagnostics, EBAMed, Skin + Me, Deeplink Medical, Dxcover, Nelly, InFlow, Haystack Oncology, Diamond Whites, Maela, UgenTec, Blackford Analytics, Bayer AG, Nouveal, Jefferson Health, Ada Health, RetinAI Medical, AIG, MediQuo, Gaia, Chugai Pharmaceutical

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