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A Celebration Of Digital Health Innovation Across the World

The Global HealthTech Summit is back for the sixth year! This year, we are taking our time to celebrate the significant milestones the ecosystem has achieved over the past year. We have a lineup of exciting digital health content for the entire month of November. Expect insightful panel discussions, star-level speakers from the industry, and as always, a roster of great digital health startups.

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With an ever-growing network of international corporations, investors and exceptional HealthTech ventures, collaboration opportunities are limitless. Join our curated sessions to discover technologies and disruptive models that are reshaping the healthcare industry.



Welcome to our 2021 Global HealthTech Summit, the Festival Edition! I am Julien, the CEO of Galen Growth, and together with Victoria, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to this first week in our 2021 Festival!

Victoria and I are strong believers in Digital Health’s opportunity to transform healthcare delivery and become the catalyst for democratising and increasing access to healthcare. We’ve put together what we think is an exciting Week 1. We are focusing big on pharma partnerships with Digital Health innovators and ventures. Are these partnerships fit for purpose? Will they scale and make an impact at a patient-journey level?

We look forward to welcoming you all this week. Say hello, and let’s engage in what promises to be a fascinating week!

What We Planned

November 1

Global HealthTech Summit 2021 Launch

November 4

9:20 AM  – 9:50 AM CEST
4:20 PM – 4:50 PM SGT

The Future and Challenges of Digital Health in Europe and in Switzerland

Location: DayOne Conference (Virtual)

Dr. Sara Schmachtenberg, Head of Research and Analytics for Europe, Galen Growth

Angela Spatharou, Senior Partner Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM

Dr. Thomas Müller, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc. Switzerland

November 5

2021 Most Promising Digital Health Startup Competition Semi-Finals



I’m Helene, the COO of Galen Growth. Every day, I work knowing that what we do can impact the lives of millions of people – and this is truly an amazing feeling. Also, I took the pandemic lower birth rate to heart, and I now have 2 under 2!

As I’m based in Singapore, I have a strong commitment to this ecosystem and region. I wish to help create and anchor Singapore’s ambition to become the Digital Health Hub in Southeast Asia. I will be focusing on Singapore this week. A combination of factors has driven the country’s uptake of digital healthcare, and Singapore’s value propositions for digital health are an encouraging promise to deliver better care.

Register now for an exciting and insightful week! I look forward to meeting you all during my Festival week.

What We Planned

November 11

3:00 PM – 3:30 PM SGT

EDB Keynote: Creating the Next Digital Health Hub for the Region

Location: Zoom

South-East Asia is perhaps the most diverse region on Earth and home to over 500 Digital Health startups. With the rising demand for healthcare across the region, Singapore is often recognised as an early adopter and stands apart from the region. A combination of factors has driven the country’s uptake of digital healthcare, and Singapore’s value propositions for digital health is an encouraging promise to deliver better care.

Lisa Ooi, Director (Strategy – Healthcare & Wellness), Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

3:30 PM – 3:40 PM SGT

HealthTech Alpha for Remote Patient Monitoring – Live Demo

Location: Zoom

Join this live demo to level up your Digital Health innovation in Remote Patient Monitoring! In 2020, cumulative venture funding closed at $3.28B, up 1.5x from $2.15B in 2019. Innovators are piloting a myriad of new care models. Come and learn how you can identify the best startups, gather accurate competitive intelligence and uncover valuable Digital Health ecosystem insights in this vibrant space!

Dario Heymann, PhD, Chief Research Officer, Galen Growth

3:45 PM – 4:35 PM SGT

Remote Healthcare Monitoring: Broadening the Access to Care

Location: Zoom

One of the tools healthcare players in the ecosystem are turning to for improved outcomes and reduced costs are remote patient monitoring technology. In fact, the latest Remote Monitoring Report published by Galen Growth shows that over 200 partnerships have been announced between Pharma companies and Remote Monitoring ventures over the past 10 years. Collating data remotely using wearables, biosensors, watches, and patches today are technically straightforward. With the recent news on the Health App in iOS 15, we have arrived at a point where patients are more engaged in managing their health data. Improving connectivity across devices and apps are allowing care providers to remotely monitor chronic conditions and patient rehabilitation. In partnership with HealthTEC, this panel will explore how 4 Singaporean startups are shaping healthcare delivery through remote monitoring and more proactive patient management.

Dr Gordon Xiong, Manager of HealthTEC (Moderator)

Dr Mabel Nguyen, Co-founder and CEO of EloCare

Dr Rex Tan, Co-founder and CTO of Aevice Health

Abhishek Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO of Kinexcs

Jacky Cheng, Founder and CEO of UpperMed

November 12

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM CET
10:00 PM – 12:00 AM SGT

Discovery Panel: AI-Enabled Tech (Diagnostics, Drug Discovery, Clinical Trials)

Location: Frontiers Health

Click here to see the speakers.

2021 Most Promising Digital Health Startup Competition Finals


NOVEMBER 15 – 19

I’m Matt, and I look after our insurance partners here at Galen Growth.  I’m super interested in how Digital Health can help the Insurer’s customers lead healthier lives – while reducing loss claims ratios and improving the customer experience.

Having worked in many large organisations, I’m also acutely aware of just how hard it is to move the needle with meaningful innovation. For my week, we’re going to look at how to identify the role of external Digital Health partnerships in driving innovation, how to manage implementation, and the sometimes colliding worlds of slow-moving corporates and the more nimble, agile world of Digital Health ventures.

I look forward to welcoming you, and please ask us as many questions as you can. We’re here to help you drive your agendas forward!

What We Planned

November 16

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST
10:00 PM – 11:00 PM SGT

Sustainable Pathways in Digital Healthcare: What’s Next?

Location: S&P Global (Webinar)

Join S&P Global Market Intelligence for a deep dive discussion on the implications of Healthcare’s digital evolution, with insights for Big Tech’s role and how investors can align their strategies in this space, and an eye to sustainable practices and greater equity for underserved communities. Attendees of this webinar will gain insights on the following. More information.

Kristen Hallam, Healthcare News Desk Manager, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Brian O’Rourke, Senior Research Analyst, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Julien De Salaberry, CEO & Founder, Galen Growth

November 18

3:00 PM – 3:30 PM SGT

Digital Health Venture Identification for Insurers

Location: Zoom

Over 220 insurers have made over 600 partnerships in Digital Health. In this session, we look at the insurance sector and Digital Health.
We talk to Scarlett Chen, MD Prudential, and hear her thoughts on the changing nature of Healthcare, its challenges and opportunities, and the role of Digital Health ventures in helping shape Healthcare for the future.

Matt Whittingham, Head of Insurance Partnerships, Galen Growth

Scarlett Chen, Managing Director at Prudential Corporation Asia

3:30 PM – 3:40 PM SGT

HealthTech Alpha – Partner identification and Competitive Analysis Live Demo

Location: Zoom

In this session, Matt and Dario will showcase how to use HealthTech Alpha for partnership identification, investment decision-making, and competitive analysis. They will also look at global insurance partnerships and draw conclusions around Insurer activity and focus on Digital Health.

Matt Whittingham, Head of Insurance Partnerships, Galen Growth

Dario Heymann, PhD, Chief Research Officer, Galen Growth

3:45 PM – 4:30 PM SGT

Digital Health Venture Integration – Challenges and Learnings From the Front Line

Location: Zoom

One of the hardest parts of partnering with Digital Health is integrating and operationalising the venture with the Enterprise. In this session, we look at some issues, including technical, cultural and operational, and identify the pitfalls and opportunities for smoother implementation. On the panel will be Peter from Zühlke Group – well versed with the technical hurdles faced by both insurers and startups, and we hear first-hand from Thomas Dijohn from dacadoo, who has partnered with dozens of insurers worldwide

Matt Whittingham, Head of Insurance Partnerships, Galen Growth

Peter Haarmark, Insurance Lead Singapore, Sr. Business Development Manager, Zühlke Group

Thomas Dijohn, SVP, APAC, dacadoo

November 19

4:30 PM – 5:00 PM CET
10:30 PM – 11:00 PM SGT

The Future of Mental Health and Its Workforce Is Digital

Location: Med-Tech World Summit: Malta Week

Julien de Salaberry, CEO and Founder, Galen Growth

Berthold Glass, Entrepreneur & Speaker, Berthold Glass

Dr Daniel Vella Fondacaro, Psychiatry Doctor


NOVEMBER 22 – 26

Hello! I’m Ana. Like all my colleagues at Galen Growth, I believe in digital health’s ability to improve people’s lives. Moreover, I’m always in absolute awe from the thousands of HealthTech solutions entrepreneurs are launching around the world to change healthcare. If I had to pick one area I’m especially interested in, I would go with drug discovery.

I’m very excited about my week! I open with a look at planetary health to discover digital health’s potential in saving the planet. Then, we will delve into the innovation patterns, successes, and failures of pharma companies. For my closing session, we’ll explore the people who lead innovation, and for this session, I’ve chosen an orchestra conductor. In fact, change and impact don’t come from one sole person: they result from complementing multitudes and an ability to orchestrate differences!

Register now! I very much look forward to seeing you.

What We Planned

November 22

4:00 PM – 4:45 PM SGT
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM CET

Planetary Health: Explore How Digital Health Can Increase Healthcare System Sustainability to Reduce Environmental Impact

Location: Zoom

Climate change is creating upheaval across the different regions of the world, affecting human lives on many angles: poverty, hunger, displacement, health, etc. We are convinced that the topics are intertwined and require a coordinated response from all the stakeholders living on the planet. However, on this occasion, we would like to specifically explore the impact of climate change on health and wellbeing. As experts in digital health, we intend to discuss how technology via digital health innovation will respond to the challenge. How can it create positive change? Join us, and let’s explore together.

Renzo Guinto, MD DrPH, Chief Planetary Health Scientist and Co-Founder, Sunway Centre for Planetary Health

Ana Kollcaku, Innovation Lead, Galen Growth

November 24

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM SGT
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CET

Partnerships in Digital Health: Theatrics or Fit for Purpose? – The Records

Location: Zoom

Digital health disrupts healthcare delivery across the entire value chain, and PharmaCOs are accelerating their innovation journey by leveraging digital health solutions. However, the race has just begun! In fact, only a small number of pharma companies have been quick in engaging and adopting digital health. Research shows how only the top 20 PharmaCOs are taking advantage of the latest market solutions by developing multiple partnerships with digital health ventures. Following that, Galen Growth conducted a global study on the partnerships between PharmaCOs with digital health ventures. It unveiled rankings, patterns, gaps and success stories.

Key stakeholders of the ecosystem will be part of the panellists while we comment on the insights from the research. The conversation will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the lessons and challenges of innovation in digital health.

Indranil Roychowdhury, CEO & Co-Founder, Docquity

Chris Willmott, Customer Experience Transformation Leader Global, Roche

Christian Teo, Head of Novartis Biome APAC & MEA (Singapore Hub), Novartis

Sara Schmachtenberg, PhD, Head of Research and Analytics for Europe, Galen Growth

Ana Kollcaku, Innovation Lead, Galen Growth

November 25

8:15 PM – 9:15PM SGT
1:15 PM – 2:15 PM CET

Revealing the Secrets to Picking 2021’s Most Promising Digital Health Startups and Announcing of the Winners

Location: Zoom

Join us for an electrifying live virtual panel! We will explore how our Jury has assessed and chosen which Digital Health ventures to vote for and were most deserving of the 2021 Most Promising Digital Health Startup title. After that, join the celebration as we announce the winners for the Jury’s and the People’s votes live.

Agnes De Leersnyder, CEO, Future4Care

Amit Kakar, Senior Partner, Head of Novo Holdings Asia, Novo Holdings

Stephane Cotte, Vice President International CC/IC & Global Marketing, ConvaTec

Ritesh Patel, Senior Partner, Global Digital Health, Finn Partners

Julien de Salaberry, Founder & CEO, Galen Growth

November 26

4:00 PM – 4:45 PM SGT
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM CET

Leadership for Innovation

Location: Zoom

What makes a great leader? What attributes are required to lead the transformation of ecosystems? What traits define the successful team members in charge of innovation? How can you build and manage and foster a great team? Well, we are going to discover them in a conversation with a unique “business” coach.

Who better than an orchestra conductor can talk about the harmonious integration of different sounds and minds? Who better than an orchestra conductor knows how to motivate and guide different personalities towards the same vision? Who better than an orchestra conductor can express a unique vision?

Indeed, no one. Join the conversation with Xiao’an.

Xiao’an Li, Director Of Business Development, Founder & Composer, Li & Ortega

Ana Kollcaku, Innovation Lead, Galen Growth



December 1

4:00 PM – 4:45 PM SGT
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM CET

GIANT Health 2021 – Pharmaceutical Partnerships in Digital Health: Theatrics or Fit for Purpose? – Keynote – Stage 3

Location: GIANT Health Event 2021, Business Design Centre, London, and virtual

Global pharma and biotech companies have been active in Digital Health ecosystems in the last decade. However, only a few pharma companies have been quick in engaging and adopting external partnerships with digital health solution providers. Galen Growth’s latest analysis reveals that 80% of all partnerships with Digital Health ventures globally belong to only the top 30 pharmacos. In this keynote, we will discuss:

  • How has pharma and biotech’s external innovation partnering faired over the past three to five years?
  • What is the current status of pharma and biotech’s external innovation partnering?
  • What have we learned so far, and what should pharma, biotech, and Digital Health ventures do differently going forward?

Register for the Global HealthTech Summit and get a 25% discount on tickets. More info on tickets.

10:30 PM – 11:15 PM SGT
3:30 PM – 4:15 PM CET
9:30 AM – 10:15 AM ET

GIANT Health 2021 – Digital Health Partnerships and Insurers: Insights and Opportunities – Stage 3

Location: GIANT Health Event 2021, Business Design Centre, London, and virtual

The Life and Health Insurance industry has become increasingly active in partnering with Digital Health ventures worldwide in recent years. In this session, we uncover insurance activity and motivations in Digital Health.

  • In which areas of Digital Health have the Insurers been most active?
  • What are the drivers leading to insurance innovation?
  • Who are the leading insurance players, and who are they partnering with?
  • What are the opportunities for Digital Health ventures aspiring to become insurer partners?

Register for the Global HealthTech Summit and get a 25% discount on tickets. More info on tickets.

December 2

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM SGT
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM CET

Why the Future of Digital Health in Europe is Bright

Location: Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology within healthcare by consumers. In France, the roll-out of the national vaccine immunisation programme was heavily dependent on Digital Health platforms like Doctorlib. Governments are introducing Digital Health new regulations and reimbursement mechanisms (Germany, France, etc.) The concept of the health system digital front door is fast becoming a reality.

Now, major European stakeholders and strategics like insurers and pharmacos need to engage with this vibrant ecosystem to help shape the discussion, evolve their value chains and, most importantly, address the fast-changing needs of consumers, patients and HCPs. How can this be achieved in the European Digital Health ecosystem? Join us to explore how Future4Care, a consortium founded by four leading European organisations, can scale Digital Health innovation in Europe.


Julien de Salaberry, CEO & Founder of Galen Growth (Moderator)

Karim Bouchema, Chief Operating Officer, Generali

Isabelle Vitali, Global Head Digital Innovation, Sanofi

Jerome Berger, President & Managing Partner at Orange Ventures

Cyril François, Chief Operations Officer, Capgemini Invent

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