Join us on the 5th of May and gain first-hand insights into why we believe Digital Health Platforms are the future of Digital Health.  

This Event will be co-hosted by Galen Growth’s CEO – Julien de Salaberry and  our Head of Data and Analytics for Europe and North America – Sara Schmachtenberg.

When: May 5 2022, 4AM ET / 10 AM CET / 4 PM SGT

In this Webinar we will be covering

  • Our latest thought leadership on Digital Health Platforms, where we define Platforms and explain the current trends in the market that are driving Platform development. Using Galen Growth’s methodology, we demonstrate the merits of future Platforms as well as explore the potential hurdles and accelerators
  • Insights beyond our published report
  • Your questions on Digital Health Platforms answered in a live Q&A session

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