Next Generation
Scouting Solutions

Fast Track the business impact of your HealthTech strategy

Galen Growth offers Fortune 500 corporations and investors across the globe its proven Next Generation Scouting solutions to fast track the business impact of their digital health growth strategy whilst mitigating risk and avoiding hype.

Our clients seek a trusted advisor to navigate the fast-changing global digital health ecosystems and pinpoint unique ventures and/or solutions to build or extend their capabilities.

Our unmatched data and technology capabilities augmented by our dedicated analyst team combined to enable corporations and investors pinpoint the best digital health ventures to accelerate execution.

Advanced Analytics

Analyzing unmatched data granularity with proprietary machine learning to accurately pinpoint and evaluate best fit digital health ventures.

Proven Matchmaking

We create meaningful engagement with ventures to prototype solutions, drive investments, learn and share experiences and scale.

HealthTech Expertise

Our experienced team have delivered multiple digital health scouting projects and have significant background in science and engineering insights.

Who Is It For

Corporate M&A

Deal flow origination and M&A pipeline building

Corporate Strategy

Market & competitor intelligence & tracking

Corporate Innovation

Ventures / solutions scouting to meet corporate digital health strategy requirements

Corporate Innovation

Ventures / solutions scouting to meet corporate digital health strategy requirements

Corporate Partnerships / Biz Dev

Digital health partner pinpointing & selection

Venture Capital incl. CVC

Deal flow sourcing & ecosystem navigation

Our Recent Missions

➔ Clients

  • Corporate Venture Capital
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare Services

➔ Focus Areas

  • Real World Date & Evidence (RWD & RWE)
  • Digital Therapeutics (DTx)
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Chronic Disease Solutions
  • Payment Solutions
  • Hidden Gems

The Galen Growth Difference

Monitor, evaluate and engage with the globe's HealthTech innovation ecosystems

Start with the entire ecosystem picture versus a snapshot before zooming into best fit ventures

Focus valuable resources on partnership deal execution for near term business impact versus the grind of research

Build stronger capabilities and sustainable organisational knowledge

Fast track your timelines to achieve earlier business impact

Operate with the most comprehensive and accurate data that is never out of date

Develop real time actionable insights and transparency to the fast changing ecosystem

Mitigate risks and avoid hype

Our Solutions To Fast Track PinpointingBest Fit HealthTech Ventures

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The global leading on-demand HealthTech intelligence and analytics platform, preferred by enterprises, investors, startups and scaleups, giving access to actionable insights and unique market intelligence on thousands of digital health ventures enabling better decisions, based on real time and accurate data.

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Next Gen Scouting

Leverage our dedicated analyst team augmented by our unmatched data and technology to pinpoint the best fit digital health ventures to fast track execution.

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