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Research Leads as Most Funded North American Digital Health Cluster in Blockbusting Half-Year

29 Jul 2021

Digital Health Ventures focused on Research moved from 5th place at the end of 2020 to 1st place in H1 2021, emphasizing the power of digital health beyond telemedicine.

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Is Your Patient Support Programme Digital Yet? A Look at the Growth of the Remote Monitoring Ecosystem.

30 Jun 2021

Over 200 partnerships have been announced between Pharma companies and Remote Monitoring ventures over the past 10 years.

In 2020, cumulative venture funding closed at $3.28B, up 1.5x from $2.15B in 2019

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Oncology – The Best-Funded Therapeutic Focus Area in Digital Health. Is a Change on the Horizon?

16 Jun 2021

Oncology ventures consistently attract more funding than any other therapeutic area, although they only include 5% of the ventures globally

Will the increasing focus on Mental Health place it on the top of the charts in 2021?

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About 2.5% of All Digital Health Ventures Are Special. What Makes Them Different?

9 Jun 2021

  • Digital health pipelines are maturing and becoming more attractive for larger deals driven by PE, SPACs and PIPEs.
  • Non-traditional investors are also entering the venture capital scene in search of high-return investments due to the low interest rates.
  • This has led to a record number of unicorns in the market, 79 globally.

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HealthTech Partnerships – What Is It Telling Us About Corporate Innovation?

26 May 2021

HealthTech partnerships

Since 2016, 164 pharmaceutical companies worldwide have established more than 725 partnerships with digital health ventures.

80% of the partnerships have been made by the top 24 companies. Is there a barrier to partnerships in digital health?

Top pharmaceutical companies by number of HealthTech venture partnerships:

Top 5 pharmaceutical companies by number of HealthTech partnerships

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Diagnostic Solutions Fuel Growth within Oncology-Focused Digital Health Ventures

14 May 2021

Within Oncology-focused ventures in Digital Health:
5 out of the top 6 largest funding deals in 2020 were from ventures with solutions focused on Medical Diagnostics. In total, funding grew 1.8x YOY in 2020 to $3.6B.

Superstars of 2020 include:

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Mental Health Solutions Proven Again to Be Key Focal Point Amidst COVID-19

28 April 2021

From 2019 to 2020, Mental Health-focused Telemedicine ventures saw a huge increase in venture funding (4.1x from 2019).

Additional insights:


60% of venture funding in Mental Health went to Late-Stage funding rounds.


Globally, venture funding in Telemedicine ventures totalled $4.8B in 2020, up 1.8x from 2019.


90% of the telemedicine ventures are focused on teleconsultation.

The pandemic has brought on an increase in open dialogue around Mental Health, raising the demand for Telemedicine ventures that are tackling those issues. Does this mark the beginning of a sustained period of investment in Mental Health or a temporary response to the impact of COVID-19?

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Telemedicine Ventures Thrive in APAC and the US. The Middle East Falls Short.

21 April 2021

Additional insights:


APAC hosts the largest number of digital health ventures in telemedicine.


Over the past 5 years, Telemedicine ventures in the US have raised 1.6x the venture funding raised by the rest of the world.


The Middle East lags behind globally in venture funding for Telemedicine.

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Digital Health Global Investments Skyrocket in the First Quarter of 2021

14 April 2021

At the end of Q1 2021, digital health global investments hit $29.6B, a 4.4x increase on Q1 2020.

Three drivers of record investment:


A flurry of M&A activity to start 2021. Notably Optum’s acquisition of Change Healthcare for $13B.


Global activity remaining high within the Telemedicine area.


Growing momentum in SPAC-type deals.

Q1 2021 is building strongly upon the momentum of 2020’s digital health investment performance. Learn more about the FY2020 Digital Health ecosystem and trends in our recent FY2020 Key Trends Reports, covering the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

APAC FOCUS: How High Will the Deal Size for Digital Health Ventures Go?

31 March 2021

The average deal size in APAC continues to rise. The share of deals valued at more than $100M doubled from 2020 to 2019.

Additional insights:


Funding rounds in 2021 so far indicate a sharper increase.


There is a growing share of larger deal sizes despite the pandemic.


While larger deals are gaining momentum, deal sizes <$25M still remain the majority.

Will the average deal size of digital health ventures in Asia Pacific continue to rise past previous years? What are your thoughts on the increasing share of larger deal sizes throughout the years? Learn more about the APAC HealthTech ecosystem in our APAC FY2020 Key Trends Report.

What Makes a Well-Funded Venture? Location, Location, Location!

25 March 2021

Digital Health venture funding in France and the United States outperform. India and Germany underperform.

Additional insights:


United States and China lead the globe in average venture funding.


Germany lags with $1.86M in average venture funding.


Funding per venture in China is 6.6x to those in India, despite a similar ecosystem volume.

Do these numbers surprise you?  What are some of your takeaways?  Is GDP always an indicator for venture support in digital health? Visit our research page to find more insights and data on the FY2020 HealthTech ecosystem.

APAC Leads in the Number of Digital Health Ventures Focusing on Women’s Health

17 March 2021

APAC leads the globe in the number of incorporated digital health ventures focusing on Women’s Health with 115 ventures in 2020.

Despite that, the U.S. leads the globe in the total venture funding deployed in 2020 in the Women’s Health digital health space with more than $700M. Download our full Women’s Health report now to get more insights and get a better understanding of the ecosystem.

Women’s Health Digital Health Ventures Reach Close to $4B in Cumulative Funding

10 March 2021

Between 2016 and 2020, $3.99B of cumulative venture funding has been deployed globally in Women’s Health-related ventures across 321 deals, with an average deal size of $12.4M.

Additional insights:


APAC leads globally in the number of incorporated ventures.


The U.S. leads globally in the total funding deployed to ventures.


The Telemedicine cluster for Women’s Health ventures received the most investments, consistent with the overall global investment trend in Digital Health.

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Digital Health Global Investments Broke Records in the First Month of 2021

3 March 2021

Global investment levels in digital health kicked in strong in 2021 as it broke a new record within the first month, hitting $21.2B by end of January 2021, a 5.5x increase on January 2020.

Three Drivers of Record Investment:


The United States saw a large volume of investment activity, capturing the lion share of $20 B, 94% of the total investment in January.


Growing momentum in SPAC type deals.


Growing venture maturity attracted larger late-stage ticket size deals.

Will the numbers hold up in the coming months? Understand the lead up from 2020’s numbers in our recent FY2020 Key Trends Reports.