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Fast-track your Insurance HealthTech strategy

Around the world, insurers are driving innovative solutions to problems with the help of digital health startup partnerships. As COVID-19 changes customer perceptions of what to expect from both insurers and the provision of healthcare, now is the time to accelerate your Health strategy

At Galen Growth, we understand your vital role as an insurer operating at the heart of the health ecosystem and your responsibility to provide protection for millions of lives.

We also understand the challenges. To balance providing health protection at an affordable price, while managing medical cost inflation. To push into preventative health, while ensuring new policy growth. To modernise your claims process, while managing loss ratios. And to do all of this while working in a large, complex organisation

Solving Digital Health for Insurers

By leveraging our unique position in the digital health ecosystem, we can help you explore and solve some of the health insurance industry’s most pressing concerns

Keeping Pace With Competitors

With 6,500+ HealthTech startups worldwide and rapid advances in digital health, keeping ahead of your competition has never been more important. Globally, insurers are accelerating their health innovation strategies with the help of external digital health startups. Finding the right healthcare tech partnership for your digital health strategy is core to our mission at Galen Growth

Evolving Wellness Platforms

Digital biomarkers and wearables with predictive analytics are generating new opportunities for preventive health. Many insurers are evolving their wellness platforms from marketing acquisition vehicles to health platforms covering sleep, diet, and mental well-being. With hundreds of digital wellness startups in our network, Galen Growth ensures you have the right fit for your goals

Digitising Patient Health Claims

Improving customer satisfaction, managing loss ratios, understanding the effectiveness of treatments and up to 40% in cost reduction. Digitisation of claims is one of the industry’s most complex areas, but one with the greatest rewards. Discover how you think partnerships can complement your internal platform build and accelerate progress in digitising key parts of the claims process

HealthTech and Why Partnering Matters


Accelerate Your Strategy

Internal corporate development is lengthy, with matrix organisations, hiring, procurement, and problem definition slowing progress. Galen Growth’s on-demand market intelligence and analytics platform, HealthTech Alpha, can identify later stage digital health startups who have solved problems with proven market traction

Complement Your Internal Build

Digital health ventures are highly customer-segmented and problem-focused.  We believe that complementing your internal capabilities and build with the right external partnerships can solve overall goals and strategies, and get to market faster


Pinpoint the Right Solution

Every company is different, and every problem statement unique.  With 6,300+ HealthTech startups worldwide available on Galen Growth’s on-demand market intelligence and analytics platform, insurers can navigate the ecosystem, shortlist external partners and pinpoint the right solution efficiently

Our Programmes

Innovation Xplorer


Innovation Through Scouting & Collaboration

Work with our experts and commission multiple scouting missions to pinpoint your best-fit digital ventures.  Continuously inform your decisions through HealthTech Alpha, the global leader in digital health intelligence and analytics platform

HealthTech Alpha


On-Demand Digital Health Intelligence & Analytics

The HealthTech Alpha Workflow is best-in-class and built to accelerate decision making and actively monitor the digital health ecosystems.  6300+ ventures across 33 countries. Easily sort, filter and shortlist ventures.

Innovation Accelerator


Build & Power Your Dedicated In-House Innovation

With four distinct sprints, the Galen Growth powered Digital Health Innovation Accelerator enables our corporate partners to address their specific needs by prototyping and scaling faster with startups that have proven solutions and maturity.


Unique insights into the insurance HealthTech space to
empower you to make confident and successful strategic decisions.

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