HealthTech Acceleration

Empowering enterprise innovation teams to win

The New Imperative
for Corporate Innovation

Galen Growth offers Fortune 500 corporations across the globe its full suite of cutting edge HealthTech enterprise acceleration programmes, powered by Galen Growth’s unique capabilities, from Innovation Challenges to the dedicated Enterprise Innovation Programme.

Each of our programmes is designed to enable innovation leaders and their teams to fast track the design, mobilisation and execution of their organisation’s digital health strategies.


Creating a Shift: Redefining Corporate Innovation

We work with innovation champions to co-create actionable digital health strategies and boost their team’s ability to execute quickly.

With the pace of HealthTech innovation around the world, corporates are on the hunt for the new and potentially disruptive growth opportunities. The “corporate accelerators” and “incubators” of the past decade are lacking speed and efficiency impacting greatly the return on investment of such programmes. The HealthTech Open Innovation Membership is the only solution providing exponential results by benefiting the entire organisation; a programme built by HealthTech experts for leading organisations.

Our Approach

A unique suite of solutions to empower innovation leaders and their organisation to fast track the execution of their digital health strategies.

Our Programmes

Innovation Challenge


Leverage our analyst team and technology to fast track the analysis of millions of data points, way beyond the customary financials, to pinpoint, evaluate and prioritise best fit ventures, to solve your pre-defined organisation’s pain points and needs, and get ahead of your peers.

Innovation Council


Fast track your organisation’s digital health innovation objectives by leveraging the Galen Growth digital health innovation acceleration programme, collaborating with multi-industry peers and co-build with our Cohort2020, composed of 25 of most promising ventures in the region. Includes access to our unique suite of solutions, thought leadership, proprietary research, leadership alignment briefings, and much more…

Enterprise Innovation


Your dedicated digital health innovation acceleration programme powered by Galen Growth’s unique integrated suite of solutions to enable your innovation leaders and their teams to fast track the design and execution of their digital health strategies with bespoke venture selection, matchmaking, prototyping, leadership alignment briefings and much more…


A unique suite of solutions to empower innovation leaders and their organisation to fast track the execution of their digital health strategies.

The Readiness Stage

Focus on co-defining and co-iterating our client’s pain points, translating them into problem statements and gaining alignment across relevant internal stakeholders.

The Select Stage

Translate the problem statements into valuable insights to rapidly and confidently scouting tens of millions of global ecosystem data points to select best fit ventures for growth.

The Acceleration Stage

Co-host and co-facilitate a prototyping phase powered for development and testing during an 8 to 10 weeks schedule.

Leadership Immersion

Get quick leadership alignment with our immersion HealthTech ecosystem twice a year. A unique understanding of the latest trends to help align everyone to your digital health innovation journey and what is happening in Asia.

Open Innovation Challenger

Discover unique opportunities by setting open innovation challenge and capturing pioneering solution with startups.

The Scale Stage

Measure progress, identify friction points and blockages to enable our client to strengthen and accelerate the execution of its programme.

Our Matchmaking Events

Access the only dedicated annual HealthTech regional Summit and quarterly Deal Factory events where all investors and enterprise decision makers network and co-create with the most promising startups and scaleups.

The Galen Growth Difference

Monitor, evaluate and engage with the globe's HealthTech innovation ecosystems

Start with the entire ecosystem picture versus a snapshot before zooming into best fit ventures

Focus valuable resources on partnership deal execution for near term business impact versus the grind of research

Build stronger capabilities and sustainable organisational knowledge

Fast track your timelines to achieve earlier business impact

Operate with the most comprehensive and accurate data that is never out of date

Develop real time actionable insights and transparency to the fast changing ecosystem

Mitigate risks and avoid hype