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Our Together Apart Series

Weathering the COVID-19 storm, HealthTech startups are in the midst of turmoil: can their solution be the catalyst of change in the delivery of healthcare when digital health investment in Asia has substantially slowed down? How can HealthTech startups survive the upcoming months in deploying their resources to their fullest in an uncertain environment? Find out how these HealthTech startups are doing it with actionable key takeaways.

HealthTech Ecosystems Through the Eyes of Startup CEOs | Singapore – Switzerland

Building an Effective HealthTech CEO Covid-19 Survival Strategy | Malaysia

Building an Effective HealthTech CEO Covid-19 Survival Strategy | USA

COVID-19 and the Acceleration of Digital Health in APAC

Building an Effective HealthTech CEO Covid-19 Survival Strategy | Insurance

Building an Effective HealthTech CEO Covid-19 Survival Strategy | China

2020 Galen Growth HealthTech Cohort Summit

The 2020 HealthTech Cohort is a collaborative partnership between Asia’s 25 most promising digital health startups. Designed with the sole objective to advance and support these exceptional startups, Galen Growth is proud to announce the first-ever HealthTech Cohort Summit.

There has never been a more critical time to focus on collaboration to tackle issues in today’s healthcare system. The 2020 Galen Growth HealthTech Cohort Summit is the destination to hear and learn from the aspiring startups in the 2020 HealthTech Cohort as they discuss and share their insights, strategies and solutions to the healthcare system’s pain points.

Digital Health Filling the Gaps in the Delivery of Diagnosis and Care for Oncology

Teleconsultation and Remote Monitoring: Connecting with Patients Outside of Traditional Healthcare Settings to Improve the Quality of Care

Digital Biomarkers: An Opportunity to Translate Measurable Health Indicators into Actionable Insights

Tackling Women’s Health: When Technology is Solving Important Pain Points, Improving the Lives of Millions of Women, their Children and Community

COVID-19 Solutions: Offering Health Systems Sustainable Operating Models in the New Normal

Driving Patient Acquisition: New Channels to Engage Patients Across Their Digital Patient Journey