Tailored Partnering Solutions For Corporations

Fast Track your HealthTech strategy through building the right partnerships with HealthTech ventures

Galen Growth offers Fortune 500 corporations across the globe its proven solutions, designed for this decade, to fast track the business impact of their digital health strategies whilst mitigating risk and avoiding hype.

We are our clients’ trusted advisor to navigate the global digital health ecosystems and pinpoint unique ventures or solutions to build or extend their capabilities in a fast-changing environment.

Our cutting-edge solutions empower innovation teams to successfully engage the dynamic digital health ecosystem and accelerate the building of valuable and sustainable partnerships and solutions.

The Galen Growth Difference

Monitor, evaluate and engage with the globe's HealthTech innovation ecosystems

Start with the entire ecosystem picture versus a snapshot before zooming into best fit ventures

Focus valuable resources on partnership deal execution for near term business impact versus the grind of research

Build stronger capabilities and sustainable organisational knowledge

Fast track your timelines to achieve earlier business impact

Operate with the most comprehensive and accurate data that is never out of date

Develop real time actionable insights and transparency to the fast changing ecosystem

Mitigate risks and avoid hype

Our Solutions To Fast Track Pinpointing Best Fit HealthTech Ventures and Build Sustainable Partnerships

Playbook Innovation & Scouting

We help companies across the world with their Digital Health strategy.  From reviewing your competitor’s HealthTech portfolio, analysing your operating markets for Digital Health readiness, through to scouting for specific ventures that match your exact criteria, our solutions help corporations develop winning Digital Health strategies

Market Research & Intelligence

With over 6 years of Digital Health experience, a specialised research team, coupled with un-rivaled Digital Health data covering almost 9000 ventures across the world, our market intelligence gives you the inside track on Digital Health.  Talk to us now about how our data and insights can drive your business forward.

HealthTech Alpha

The world’s leading data platform for Digital Health enables corporates to rapidly identify potential HealthTech partners and conduct competitive intelligence.  Trusted by companies the world over, our multi-license Enterprise edition scales with your organisation and enables collaboration.  Find out more here.