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Amid the dynamic landscape of Digital Health, a profound transformation is underway, reshaping how we perceive and engage with cutting-edge health technology. In this evolving realm, a singular term has risen to a position of unparalleled importance: Clinical Strength. The era where innovation was defined solely by flashy features is behind us; today, it’s about delivering evidence-based impact. This article takes an in-depth journey into the paradigm shift towards Clinical Strength in Digital Health. It delves into its global ramifications, explores its pivotal role in corporate partnerships, examines its navigation through the vast landscape of health-related apps, and reveals its potent influence on investment decisions.

The Era of Clinical Strength in Digital Health

Digital Health has entered the next phase of maturity, accelerated by the current challenging economic conditions, fuelling an increasing demand for proof points. A remarkable 18% of private Global Digital Health ventures now prioritize Clinical Strength, setting a new standard. This shift means innovation is backed by verifiable data, delivering actual progress. It’s a response to the market flooded with innovative use of technology where Clinical Strength measures real impact. This transformation builds confidence among providers, payers, and patients, shaping a robust healthcare future.

What is Clinical Strength?

HealthTech Alpha’s Evidence Signal (1 of 8 proprietary venture signals) in HealthTech Alpha enables the evaluation of a venture’s Clinical Strength, or its ability to prove that its products are safe and effective. In particular, the Evidence Signal (ES) considers the number of clinical trials, regulatory filings, and peer-reviewed publications that a venture has for its Digital Health products.

A high Evidence Signal correlates with high Clinical Strength.

A Global Movement towards Clinical Strength in Digital Health

One of the visible signs of ecosystem maturity is the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Initiatives like the US FDA’s Digital Health Policy Navigator and the pioneering leadership of Germany’s DiGA program reflect the globe’s recognition of the importance of clinical evidence. Here, Europe takes the lead with 22% of ventures showcasing Clinical Strength, followed closely by the Middle East at 20%. This global trend emphasizes the universal relevance of Clinical Strength, transcending boundaries and reshaping the Digital Health landscape.

Clinical Strength’s Multi-Faceted Impact

Health Systems, have gradually recalibrated their focus, with an impressive average of 61% of ventures in their Digital Health portfolios having proven Clinical Strength. In the top 5 Digital Health Clusters (ranked by % of ventures with ES>40), ventures with proven Clinical Strength have at least a 1.3x higher share of partnerships. Clinical Trials tops the list, with 81% of ventures having proven Clinical Strength active in partnering.

In an environment seemingly overrun by health-related apps, software, and devices, navigating this vast landscape seems daunting. HealthTech Alpha, the global leader in Digital Health data and insights, has meticulously catalogued over 16,000 products developed by private Digital Health ventures. Amongst these, 22% of the Digital Health apps were developed by ventures that have proven Clinical Strength. This insight reaffirms Clinical Strength’s pivotal role in bridging the chasm between innovation and practicability, providing healthcare providers and payers with a necessary guiding light. Furthermore, the investment landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with funds increasingly flowing towards ventures that can substantiate their effectiveness. In the Medical Diagnostics cluster, which leads in Growth- and Late-Stage ventures with proven Clinical Strength, a staggering 47% of funding rounds deployed in 2022 and H1 2023 were directed towards Clinical Strength ventures, capturing an impressive 78% of funding value.

Proving Clinical Strength: The Evidence Signal by Galen Growth

At the crux of the Clinical Strength narrative lies HealthTech Alpha’s Evidence Signal, a score embedded within HealthTech Alpha. Our framework meticulously assesses a venture’s Clinical Strength by evaluating clinical trials, regulatory filings, and peer-reviewed publications. A higher Evidence Signal signifies a more formidable Clinical Strength, encapsulating an unwavering dedication to substantiating product efficacy and safety. This methodology transforms Clinical Strength from a concept into a quantifiable, high-impact metric. Our dedicated Clinical Strength Hubpage spotlights ventures with an Evidence Signal exceeding 40, using our proprietary methodology. This comprehensive resource enables the identification of ventures that have achieved proven Clinical Strength.

Pioneering a Healthier Future

Clinical Strength in Digital Health stands as a transformative force, revolutionizing the path to innovation. It signifies a shift from mere promises to proven impact, from uncertainty to trust. Our Evidence Signal, and our dedicated Hubpage on HealthTech Alpha quantifies the Clinical Strength in Digital Health. Embracing Clinical Strength ushers in a new phase in healthcare innovation, marked by resilience, effectiveness, and a commitment to creating a healthier world for all.